Flo's top wellness tips for Autumn.

The word 'wellness' is such a buzz word these days, it's hard to know what it really means. We'd love to offer the idea that it means whatever you want it to mean. Wellness to you might look like having some quiet time at home pottering through your fave self care rituals, it might look like being in deep conversation with a friend or loved one, or heck it may look like sleeping in on the weekend after a busy week. We like to think it's what you make it, and there's no rules or guidelines, it's simply different for everyone. 

In saying that, here are some of the best few tips we've learnt over the years in looking after ourselves:

1. Learn to say no

In our modern society and 'hustle culture' it's easy to find ourselves on a 24/hr clock, always being 'on' and filling our schedules to fit everything in. The Flo girls suggest that whilst it's not easy, learning when is a good time to say no to plans is a game changer for looking after your wellbeing. 

Saying no to one plan a week doesn't make you anti-social, it means you'll have time for yourself and the next time you see those friends, you'll hopefully be more present and energized to see them. Your time is precious, so be intentional with how you spend it.

2. Move your body with friends

Gyms, home work outs, lifestlye plans, they can all seem quite daunting. Why not ask a friend to join you for a walk or a gym class - it will change the focus to be around community, rather than a chore or punishment. Moving your body should be fun.


Our friends @moveforgood are hosting community workouts to raise money for NGO's fighting social issues in NZ.

Check out their next community workout and click here to register for it.

3. Sleep first, then face the world

We've all heard it before, but so often we prioritise getting things done over getting good, long, restful sleeps. If you find it hard to shut down after a day, try reading one of these inspirational books to get you out of your head and into a state of relaxation. 




Flo x

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