Flo's first proper photoshoot!

Exciting news for Flo! On Saturday, we became a 'real company' as I say, and put on our first proper photoshoot (well kinda). We love celebrating small wins at Flo - and this definitely is one of those times! Being a store that stocks lots of brands, we've always relied on them to provide us with product shots and campaign imagery, but we know it's time for us to put our big girl pants on and get some of our own professional shots done.

Inspired by amazing brands that get incredible photoshoots, we wanted to see if we could pull something off - so gathered around talented friends to join forces and do a photoshoot! First and most importantly, we secured a photographer (Emily), who's a friend of Grace who used to work for us in the office, who was amazing! She had so much energy and really got the vision for what look we were going for. 


We hosted it at our head office aka our home, which meant we had all the stock and extras there if we needed. Emily found some good background around the patio, garden and front entrance, so it was great seeing how she could see potential in all the spaces.

The task of finding makeup artists was fairly easy, as our dear friend Amarni has been running her own makeup business for a while, so it was great to have her on board. We also had our very own Jet from the office and one of Bella's friends (Abby) do a bit of makeup, so between the three of them, the models were looking fabulous!

Our models were a range of friends, including lovely Brooke who works in our Milford store, my niece Millie, Bella's friend Sarah and Abby, and our gorgeous Grace who used for work for us here at the office. We chose to not have all trained models as such because we aren't trying to get super posy / perfect shots. It's also much more fun working with people you know, as they're easy to work with, because they feel more comfortable around familiar faces.

We had a great day full of activity, and it wouldn't have been possible without our marketing guru Makayla who organised the shoot, and Donna who kept everything running smoothly on the day.

We can't wait to get these shots on social media and the website to share with you! Thanks again to our small village of talented people who helped out on Saturday!

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