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Flo's fav AKL restaurants cosy enough for Winter

In Winter, it's so easy to want to hibernate inside and avoid the outside world, but we'll all admit we feel so much better after getting out here and there. If you're a foodie, you'll know that the struggle to find cosy restaurants you can picture yourself at in Winter is all too real. We asked the team what their favourite places to go in Winter that won't leave you chilled through! He's our top picks in Auckland:


Gogo Daddy Thai Canteen

Why we love it: It's small, intimate, funky has a great atmosphere and even better food.

Cuisine: Thai

Location: Ponsonby Central


Why we love it: A family run business for over 20 years, Frasers is an institution with incredible service and food and a homely vibe.

Cuisine: Mix

Location: Mt Eden


Why we love it: One of Auckland's oldest and best restaurants, Prego boasts an indoor fire and top notch Italian flavours, they even have a vegan menu for those plant based guys and gals that usually miss out on Italian!

Cuisine: Italian

Location: Ponsonby


Why we love it: Cotto is not only fun, affordable and yummy, they have a great space perfect for Winter and $16 cocktails.

Cuisine: Mix

Location: K Road


Happy eating and drinking, friends!

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