Flo's fave kiwi social enterprise brands

Here at Flo, we're stoked to be able to stock some incredible brands that double as social enterprises, run by amazing kiwis. We're taking this time to highlight a few of them...

Indigo & Iris

Restoring sight in the pacific

Bonnie (founder) and Hannah (CEO)

Flo sister Bella first came across this brand when she heard Bonnie speak about her story about her visit to Vanuatu, which led her to starting Indigo & Iris. "We are indigo & iris. A beauty brand that gives a damn. We are passionate about changing the traditional business model by taking what has been learnt in the past and applying modern ideologies that have merit. Change is life baby."     -

"50% of all levitate mascara profit is donated to curing avoidable blindness in the Pacific Islands through The Fred Hollows Foundation.

Donating 50% of our profit is not a marketing technique. The reason we started indigo & iris was not because we really love makeup (although we do), it was not to make a shit load of money, it was because we really want to make a positive impact in the world." - Hannah, CEO


Frank Stationery

Buy One Give One, giving back to kiwi kids

Jess & Jason  (founders)

After watching a documentary on child poverty in New Zealand, and investigating further, they discovered that many children go to school without exercise books.
Combining their skills and passions together – Jason’s business mind and Jess’ creative mind – they embarked on the journey that is FRANK; cultivating authentic living through stationery and giving back to the community in a real, practical way.

"Every time you buy from us, a school book is donated to a child in need. Every book that get’s donated not only supports children in need, but equips schools to be able to provide the best education possible." - Jason, founder


Make Give Live

Buy One Give One, connecting the local community

One of Make Give Lives knitting groups

Chrissy first came across Make Give Live in an article, and we instantly fell in love with the story! We love how Claire (the founder) combined giving back, and creating a community for supporting mental health of kiwi communities.

"Make Give Live run community-based knitting groups around New Zealand. Our groups meet either every week, or every other week, usually in a cafe, a community hub or a library.
For every hat that we sell we donate another one to someone in need in New Zealand. These hats can be made to any pattern at all and are a great opportunity to experiment and have fun." - Claire, founder


Flo Gives Back

15% of the sale is given to empower vulnerable women


Flo Sister Bella, on their trip to visit the progress of the project in 2018

Flo Gives Back is a giving revolution we’ve built with the belief that everyone is worthy of love and that together the POWER OF KINDNESS can make a whole lot of difference in this world.
To help us achieve this mission we’ve carefully sourced and designed a number of products where 15% of the sale price goes to helping vulnerable women in need in Nepal. 


Flo family Bella, Lucy, Chrissy and Ruby on their trip to visit the   progress of the project in 2018

 After a severe earthquake paralyzed Nepal in 2015, hundreds of thousands of people were made homeless with entire villages flattened. The chaos of this earthquake exposed much of Nepal’s most vulnerable people to be the victims of human trafficking and extreme poverty. That's why we have partnered with an amazing project in Makwanpur, rural Nepal, to help create an empowered community which can protect itself from exploitation and slavery, and drive its own social and economic development.

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