Flo Gives Back trip to Nepal

In 2018, my girls (Ruby, Lucy and Bella) and I went over to Nepal with Tearfund NZ to visit the work that the Flo Gives Back project supports.

This was an incredible trip, where we got to see first hand where the funds are going, and how much impact is being made for women in these communities.

The long term goal of the project we support, is to:
Create empowered communities that can protect themselves from exploitation and slavery, and drive their own social and economic development.
It's so encouraging to see the amazing change that's happening. Some key ways they are making this happen is by:
  • Creating Womens Action Groups to foster a community of women who support one another 
  • Giving out micro-finance loans to communities to allow them to develop economic stability and growth to provide for their family
  • Empowering them through education & training sessions

We felt so blessed to speak to the women about how Share & Care Nepal has worked with them to give them the skills and tools to prevent trafficking and exploitation, as well as give them a sustainable income to provide for their families. Some of their stories brought us to tears, hearing about how much their life has transformed because of the Women's Action Groups and micro-finance loans. They are truly grateful, and it was such an honor to listen to them and hear about their journeys.
It was incredibly humbling to see women on the other side of the world, with the same heart for their families as we have in NZ, however they have to work much much harder to feed and keep their children safe. As a mother, I often think about the lengths we go to to keep our kids safe and to give them the best start to life, so it's beautiful to be able to contribute to these communities which are now enabled to look after their families in a way they haven't had the resources to do before. 
We are so excited to continue supporting them, especially after meeting the women and girls who are benefiting from the programme themselves. Feel free to learn a bit more about our Flo Gives Back philosophy here.


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