Treats your dad will love this Father's Day.

Want something quick and easy to whip up on Father's day? Sarah from Sage & Grace has trialed making her cake kits using a microwave, and here's how you can too...



All you'll need:

- 1x Sage & Grace Chocolate and Raspberry Cake Mix

- 2 C Fresh or frozen Raspberries

- 2x large eggs

- 1 1/3 C of buttermilk

- 200g of chocolate and 1 can of coconut milk for the ganache icing

Method for microwavable version of this cake:

Make the cake batter as you usually would following all the instructions on the back of the jar.

Line a glass dish, (about 25cmx 15cm) and pour in half of the cake mixture. 

If the dish is too full it may struggle to cook in the middle - I would suggest not trying to finish cooking the middle if this does happen as the outer will dry out and be over cooked.

Microwave for 4-6minutes depending on the power of the microwave. It will keep cooking once the time is finished. Test it is cooked by inserting a skewer and seeing it come out clean or checking its bounce back.

Best eaten within an hour or two of cooking due to it continuing to cook and drying out slightly. Nothing a little warm caramel or ganache can't fix though.

It is quite a different bake and texture to when baked traditionally in the oven. It does however still make a delicious cake that can be made quickly and easily when a microwave is the only option!



Not up for baking? That's okay - Dad will still feel your love with any of these treats...


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