Earth Day 2021


April 22nd, 1970, 20 million Americans (roughly 10% of the population at the time) partook in marches, rallies, and educational programs across the country to increase public awareness of critical environmental issues. Now, 51 years later, Earth Day is celebrated by hundreds of millions of participants in 192 countries, including gorgeous Aotearoa. From participating in Earth Day events, to making everyday changes, there are numerous things we can do to help the circumstances of our planet.


  1. Conservation education.

The most powerful tool in saving our planet is knowledge. Knowing what issues we face - including biodiversity loss, deforestation, pollution, and climate change – is the first step in fixing them. Important books such as A Life on Our Planet, by Sir David Attenborough, discuss these key matters, as well as what we can do to save our beautiful earth.


  1. Join your local conservation programs.

New Zealand has many unique plant and animal species that can only be found here in beautiful Aotearoa. Unfortunately, pests and invasive species threaten these special native plant and animal life, but local conservation programs are working towards saving and protecting these wonderful native New Zealand species. Programs like Conservation Volunteers New Zealand, New Zealand Conservation Trust, and the Auckland Zoo have conservation programs you can join or donate to.


  1. Eat green.

Scientists and climate experts agree that changing to a plant-based diet can significantly improve the health of our planet. Research shows that if 147 countries moved to diets with less meat, there would be dramatic changes in restoring nature, halting deforestation, reducing water use and pollution, and reversing wildlife and nature loss. If you are interested in moving towards a more plant-based diet, check out these amazing books.


First-Time Vegan – A fantastic intro on a plant-based diet. Giving you information on how to transition to more plant-based foods healthily and easily, as well as giving you essential recipes you’ll love to make.

Sweet Vegan – The tastiest cookbook for your new favourite plant-based treats.

Power Plates: 100 Nutritionally Balanced Vegan Meals – Amazing recipes for meals that are vegan, nutritious, and delicious.

The Global Vegan – Incredible vegan recipes from around the world.

Little Green Kitchen – Delicious vegetarian meals that are easy to make, kid friendly and full of veggie goodness.


  1. Switch from plastic.

From the highest peaks to the deepest valleys, plastic pollution can be felt on every corner of the earth. There is no better time than now to switch from single-use plastic items to more sustainable commodities. Here are a few ideas for items you can use to replace single-use plastics.

Plastic Free Soaps (Eliminates the need to buy plastic containers!)

Fair + Square is a NZ soap brand that uses cruelty-free, natural ingredients and recyclable packaging that has low environmental impact. Their products include.

Dirty Hippy Body Bar – Patchouli, Sandalwood + Lemongrass body soap

Natural Shampoo Bar – Peppermint + Lemon

Exfoliating Facial Wash Soap – Lemony snicket

Wild Thing Gardener Scrub Hand Soap – Peppermint + Lavender

Reusable bottles and cups (To avoid single-use plastic bottles and un-recyclable cups)

Thermal bottles are perfect for keeping your drink warm or cold for hours. Good For has fabulous thermal bottles available in Charcoal or Pastel Pink. For a thermal bottle so pretty it’s almost a work of art, try the Chunky Black Bloom Metal Drink Bottle.

For your favourite coffee and tea, try the Robert Gordon Journey Travel Mug or the Joco reusable Glass Deep Teal Cup.


  1. Participate in the official EARTHDAY.ORG digital event.

Industry leaders, non-profit innovators, climate leaders, grassroots activists, musicians, artists, influencers, and future leaders will all join to discuss critical topics in the fight to help the planet. There will be special performances, workshops and panel discussions that discuss emerging green technologies, natural processes, and innovative philosophies that can help save the earth. Visit Earth Day 2021 | Restore Our Earth™ | EARTHDAY.ORG to take part in this informative, and crucial, event!


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