2 of the best books to inspire you from home

Needing a bit of inspiration like us? I don't know if we're crazy or not, but the Flo fam are going through a weird range of emotions, from feeling grateful, uncertain, numb, to joyful, at the moment. In those times we're we aren't feeling our selves as such, we've found the below books to be lifesavers in maintaining sanity...

1. My Bucket List journal

In a time like this, it's pretty easy to be so consumed with the now, we forget to dream about the future. The My Bucket List journal lets you do just that. I've found this to be the best way to put 'pen to paper' and get clear on your ambitions.

2. An Edited Life by Anna Newton

Anna has put together the best pocket rocket book on how to 'edit your life'. What we love about her book, is that she bears in mind there's no one size fits all. Instead, she's all about helping people spend more time doing what makes them happy, by utilising your time best. It's relatable and absolutely achievable, that's why it's giving us a bit of sanity among the current world crisis. 

Some of her best tips which she goes into further detail with include:

Take a digital detox and actually enjoy it (taken from the ‘Self Care’ chapter)

Leave the house everyday (taken from the ‘Organise Your Workspace’).

Display, use and love your sentimental goods (taken from the ‘How to Streamline and Organise Your Home’ chapter)

Make a note in your calendar of when gift vouchers you have been given expire and set a reminder to use them (taken from the ‘Money’ chapter).

Understand the importance of saying ‘no’ (taken from the How To Have a Social Life That Works for You’ chapter.

Struggling to get through your to-do list? Set yourself three tasks to do each day (taken from the ‘How To Get Tasks Done’ chapter).

Invest in micro-fibre cloths for household cleaning (taken from the ‘Running a Home’ chapter).


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