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Be your own valentine with our fave self love books


Here are some of our fave self-love books in-store, that remind us that compassion and self-care is so often the answer...


My Perfectly Imperfect Life:

127 Exercises for Self-Acceptance



We love this guided journal with a welcoming, come-as-you-are message: Embrace the things that make you, you, flaws and all. If you're in need of prompts for stopping self-critisism and loving yourself, this book should be your friend. Flo sisters love how it encourages you to celebrate imperfection! 




Rachel Hunters Tour of Beauty

Rachel was given the challenge of looking at how different countries around the world define the idea of beauty and wellness. What she found was that beauty is in fact everywhere. There is no one definition of it, and that we are all beautiful in our own ways.
Rachel learnt the best wellbeing advice the world has to offer, and also learn the importance of community, authenticity and joy, to share with you and I.




The Feel Good Guide: 

Easy Steps Towards a Happier, More Fulfilled You


We're all about looking after ourselves to boost our happiness and self-esteem, embracing gratitude, mindfulness and learning how to be kind to others and to yourself. This book shares Matilda's story of self-love and inspires you to do the same.

As Matilda says, "this isn't so much about changing who you are as it is about loving who you are. It's about embracing and being proud of the person you have grown to be, and finding the right tools to help you remember just how awesome you really are."



Calm: Calm the Mind, Change the World


.Calm, combines fascinating neurological research, ancient wisdom, and real-life experiences to demystify meditation and show you the many simple ways to be mindful every day. Flo sisters adore this book, as it reminds us to change our perspective, to worry less, to be kinder to ourselves, and to let our kindness flow into those around us.

 'Smile, breathe, and go slowly. Calm your mind —and change your world.'



The Little Book of Intention:

Manifest the life you want through the power of intention


Life is a precious gift, and Flo sisters love this book because it allows us to assess our values and establish how we wish to invest our energy and time on this earth.

I'm sure you'll all feel the same, but we want to ensure that we strive to live an intentional life - one that we have chosen. In our eyes, this is the utmost self-love - prioritising what you love and discarding what no longer serves you, where you are.



Other inspiring books for looking after yourself and your well being... 

Your Dream Life Starts Here

Am I Overthinking This?

  No One Does it Quite Like You

  It's Not How Good You Are, It's How Good You Want to Be

 Rest Replenish Restore

 Eat Smart


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