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'Best of Bali' series (Canggu)

Bali! It seems like the place to be at the moment. Last year (2019), Ruby and I (Chrissy) headed over to directly source some homewares for our new Flo's Home store, and Jono, Bells and Luce tagged along for the ride. We were lucky enough to work with a kiwi agent who lives over there, who gave us incredible recommendations of where to go and what restaurants/cafes to visit, so we thought it would be fun to share some of these with anyone hoping to visit Bali soon! There's lots to write about - so we've split it into a 3 part series (Canggu, Seminyak, Ubud/Uluwatu).

While the streets can be crazy like anywhere in Asia, it's a gorgeous place for a family holiday and very affordable once you're there, compared to places like Australia!

A few places you won't want to miss include...


1. The Lawn

Bella looks out to the ocean from the indoor-outdoor seating area where you can lounge, eat, drink and be as merry as you'd like!

Getting all the inspo we could to help us open our own homewares store, Flo's Home, we took our time through lunch and discussing what elements of Bali we want to take back home, to create our own tropical-themed space that makes people feel as relaxed as we were when in Bali.

In true Flo family style, us girls (especially Ruby) couldn't get enough of the decor and styling - just check out those tiles and bamboo roof... 


2. Finns Beach Club

Another place you've probably heard of but again wouldn't want to overlook, is the classic Finns Beach Club.

We couldn't help but try the mezze platter (all our favourite things, I mean how gooood do those dips look?!) alongside sangria for the balmy evening.

The night atmosphere at Finns is amazing, and you'll find the music, lighting, service and people watching makes it all the better. We recommend going for sunset, right when Bali starts to cool down, and you can enjoy the gorgeous golden hour.



3. La Laguna

A place we didn't actually plan going to, but are thankful we visited, is La Laguna. Again, this is a great spot for sunset. Gypsy inspired and make sure you stay until it's dark as the lights are amazing, they have the best furniture including Morrocan inspired cushions or 'poofs' as Lucy likes to call them. The picture above is at La Laguna, on a bridge that meets up with the beach, right in front of their property.


4. La Brisa 

If you're spending any time at Echo Beach, you've got to stop at La Brisa, a sister to La Laguna. Boat inspired, made from reclaimed wood, with a pool and low tables, this sits right on the beach, serving sustainably sourced food and a great vibe. 


5. The Shady Shack Cafe

If you know one thing about our family it's that our favourite meal of the day is absolutely brunch. The Shack, located just a hop and a skip along from Echo beach, is the DREAM brunch spot. There's honestly something for everyone, the food is incredibly fresh and healthy - with tons of plant-based and/or allergy-friendly options.

The beauty of eating out in Bali, is that meals are sooo cheap - you can get your typical Auckland $23 avo on toast for around $10 there (now I bet that grabbed a lot of people's attention!)


There were plenty other great boutiques and food/drink spots in Canggu, so this is just a selection of the ones we tried and loved! Look out for our next blog posts on Seminyak and Uluwatu, to finish off this 3 part series on our Bali trip!



Chrissy, Ruby, Lucy, Bella and Jono! x

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