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A beauty brand that gives a damn - Meet the Maker ep #1 w/ Hannah

In light of current events, we want to continue to highlight the incredible people behind our local brands. This got us thinking...what better way to do this than by virtually interviewing them, so you all get to see and hear what they're all about.

This is how our idea to start a series called 'Meet the Maker' started! I'll be introducing a kiwi founder/maker every week via IGTV, to bring a face to the brands we know and love. These people truly become like family to us, so we're proud as punch to show off their awesomeness to you all.


Meet the Maker episode #1 - Hannah Duder from Indigo & Iris

Hannah's brand has inspired us since the beginning. Donating 50% of their profits to cure blindness in the pacific, they've worked tirelessly to shed light to this important issue by making the connection between wearing their Levitate Mascara, and in turn curing someone else's sight!

We ask Hannah about how her social enterprise & beauty brand Indigo & Iris came to be, what beauty means to them, and more.

Watch our IGTV video with Hannah, here.


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