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3 reasons to fall in love with Linen - Eco Edition

Spring is here! Breezy linen basics are what we are reaching for in our wardrobes – the shift dresses, the wide-leg pants, the linen shirt – it’s the go-to spring staple. But why is linen a fashion fave? We learnt about the benefits of one of the world’s oldest natural fibres, and now all we want to wear is linen. Here’s what we've learned about the pros of linen on our planet. 

  1. Linen is a more sustainable material. It’s made from cellulose fibres from the flax plant, and compared to other natural fibres, such as cotton, linen doesn’t need as much water. It is also fast-growing and resilient to harsh conditions.

  1. The process to produce linen is more natural. When the linen fibres are extracted from the crop, a comparatively lower chemical process is used. This is much better for the people involved in transforming the fibre, the local environment and local communities.

  1. Linen fabric is super strong! Typically it is three times stronger than cotton, so you’ll be able to get good wear out of your favourite linen outfits, and with the right care, they’re more likely to last longer than some other fashion items in your wardrobe.

With this fabric covering so many gorgeous pieces – from puff sleeve dresses that are ready for a fun picnic to blazers that can be worn to the office – linen is easy to wear and suits every occasion… we’re finding it hard to not let it take over our wardrobe!

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