10 ways to love your mama from home this Mother's Day.

How to show mum we love her on Mother's Day always gets us thinking creatively. Mother's Day is probably our favourite day of the year, because we get to celebrate women and role models!

With two of us now living over in London (Lucy and Ruby), we resort to sending her a wrapped gift to her door, but if you're lucky enough to be able to see your mum for this special day, we've thought of a bunch of ideas on how to make her feel loved through the gift of time & acts of love!


Bring her breakfast in bed

Some mum's DREAM of being able to stay in bed longer and being able to sit with a cuppa and a book to enjoy a lazy morn! Why not tell her you're bringing her breakie in the morning, so she doesn't have to lift a finger.


Photo from Anna Newton, author of An Edited Life.

If being in pj's until midday isn't her thing, why not say I love you with a homemade brunch.

Bring out your inner Jamie Oliver, and get in the kitchen to whip up her fave food (this works particularly well for those mums who say the best way to their heart is through their stomach) ;)

The below brunch is from our Wholehearted cook book by local foodie Kelly Gibney! YUM!

Watch the ultimate mother-daughter movie (none other than the fab Mamma Mia).

This is such a no brainer for the musical loving type. As a family, we get so emotional every time we watch the scene where Sophie's getting ready for her wedding and they're having their mumma/daughter moment. 

It's also such a feel-good, if you're in the mood for a laugh and a cheeky sing-along.

Relax, have a cuppa and chats with her. Mums love it when we want to hang with them for no other reason than 'just because'.

Mum's always saying how much she enjoys just having our company and our full attention. It's underrated how much the gift of attention and time is, so if your mum's into that, be intentional about your time on Mother's Day, and she'll feel your love for sure.

Support your local florist (if you have one near you that's open & send her a bunch of flowers!

It goes without saying, that flowers are such a winner for Mother's Day. If you can, supporting your local florist is a fab way to share a bit of love to mum and our Kiwi community. For those Auckland City dwellers, the lovely Rose Tinted Flowers in Ponsonby Central is open during Level 3.

Give her a mani/pedi spa treatment: Level 3 style (aka from home ha).

Get out everything in your bathroom and get creative! Why not set up a home spa with everything from a mani, pedi, massage, body scrub, facial & more!

Our fave products from Flo for this are Miss Frankie Nail Polish, Indie & Mae Beauty, Woodsy Botanics, and Reti & Rose - all-natural and perfect for a Mother's Day treat.


Satisfy her sweet tooth with some baking!

Can I just say... this is more of a gif for you. Baking for her = snacks for the whole fam. Why make it hard for yourself, use a sneaky baking mix to whip a gourmet treat (with minimal effort). Shhhh, we won't tell mum it's a baking mix, there's no reason she won't believe you made it from scratch ;)

Made in NZ with no refined sugar, our fave mixes are from Hill St Wholefoods and Sage & Grace


Give her some time out

Let mum have the ultimate relaxation time by running her a bath and setting up a cute wee spot for her to chill out. Think big with candles, body butters, a cute book to read, and you could even top if off with some background music and leaving her a glass of wine to enjoy.


Give her a cooking class for once

 If your mum is anything like ours, she's always giving us cooking tips and telling us the faster way to do things in the kitchen. This time the roles will reverse and mum will learn a thing or two from you! Got a fave recipe you'd love her to learn? Set up a cooking class style sitch in the kitchen, and get all Nigella about it. 


Two words: Cheese board

Enjoyment for the both of you! As the day comes to a close, why not Set up a yummy platter and make her favourite drink. It'll feel just like you're at Caretaker in Britomart ;)


Ft a Kingdom Candle, hand made with love in NZ!

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