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No Dice Sunscreen

- The saying ‘NO DICE' always seemed like a great attitude to bring to a fight, and when it comes to the sun and what it can do to the unprepared, it is a dangerous game we play, so we say no way to UVA, UVB and harmful rays, instead use NO DICE SPF 50 for your face everyday
- This sunscreen is 87% natural, it utilises natural actives and is free of denatured alcohol – and that’s a really good thing
- Triumph & Disaster use safe synthetic science to enhance the brilliant protection provided by the proven natural minerals zinc and titanium
- No Dice is TRULY Non Whitening – ultra safe sun protection without turning you into Marcel Marceau - Perfect for serious occasions when looking funny is not ok
- It's non Greasy – so no more shiny nostrils, dripping brows or stained necklines
- No Dice goes on dry and absorbs quickly avoiding the greasy feeling left by many sunscreens
- No Dice has been engineered for those occasions when you are in the sun, but don’t wish to smell like a pineapple or look like a clown and delivers ultra premium, natural protection in a demure manner that won’t ruin your clothes or let you down when you need to look your best but cannot avoid the sun
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