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Home Perfume Diffuser

Ashley & Co’s home perfumes are not only environmentally friendly but functional and aesthetically cool. Simply allow the perfume to travel up the porous wicks and gently diffuse in the air. The long lasting formulations have been designed to complement their environment and suit ones mood and attitude.

- Each 265ml bottle will last minimum 6 months (2.5 years unopened)
- As with any perfume, keep it out of direct sunlight
- 10 Reed Sticks included

- Blossom and Gilt: Costa Rican tuberose and wild jasmine create the ultimate bouquet but lasts longer than its fresh petaled contemporaries.
- Tui and Kahili: Like sweet nectar enticing the Tui, notes of wild spreading ginger and delicate lily will have you scouring the native flora for this alluring scent.
- Parakeets and Pearls: Remember handwritten love letter's and dressing for dinner? No? This Old World scent of freshly picked Green Tea and White Lili will help bring the glamour back to modern day.

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