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Flos'  Story

I started Flo & Frankie with my three fashion conscious daughters in September 2013 and we quickly enlisted the help of like-minded friends and family to grow Flo & Frankie to become one of Auckland’s largest boutique fashion, home and gift stores.

The inspiration for Flo & Frankie came about when we took a family trip to the Amalfi Coast, Florence and Provence and fell in love with the eclectic styling in cafes and fashion boutiques, which influenced our ideas for the design of our stores.  Our ideas are always ambitious and much bigger than our resources, so to pull it off we roll up our sleeves, throw on our ripped jeans and ‘DIY-it’, doing a lot of the work ourselves.  People often ask who designs the interiors of our stores, but it’s just us working with our close family and friends with limited resources, and we’ve always found that these restraints make us even more creative.

We’re a family of all girls, each with individual tastes and styles, which gives us an edge when it comes to picking out products we think our customers will love.  Ruby (the eldest of the three girls), assists me in the fashion buying by offering a more youthful perspective that allows Flo & Frankie to be more accessible to a wider range of customers – after all, we believe fashion is a mind-set and cannot be determined by age.  Then when it comes to the homewares, there isn’t anything in our stores that we girls wouldn’t choose for our own homes and bedrooms.

As Flo & Frankie grows we will continue to give more back to the communities and charities we currently support.  My youngest girls have just returned from an amazing service trip to Malawi with World Vision, and their stories and photos have so inspired us to continue giving in every way we can. Along the way we hope to support many other NZ based businesses as we grow our business together. 

Love, Chrissy xx

(aka mama Flo)

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