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flo's philosophy

Our mission is simple… bringing together only the best fashion, design and lifestyle goods under one roof that oozes warmth and personality to help you look and feel fabulous at every age!

Apart from living a life with no regrets and always being first on the dance floor and last to leave, here are a few of our favourite words that inspire and encourage us to live remarkably…

- Make smart mistakes – after all, if you play by the rules you miss all the fun!

- More is more (in most cases) – more of the things that really make the world go round, laughter, kindness, generosity, silliness and treats

- Giving is the most fearless and powerful gesture there is

- Do small things with great kindness - generosity is a wonderful thing

- Fashion is a state of mind - not determined by age

- Inspiration is everywhere, every day, even in the smallest of things

- 'Price-per-wear' is a genius logic (except if we've fallen head-over-heels for a must-have and don't need any logic to justify a purchase!)

- When it comes down to it, the touchy, feely, lovely stuff really makes our day – who can resist a feel-good compliment here and there!


Flo Gives Back

Flo's family is passionate about making a greater difference in the world. Our mission is to use our gifts we've been blessed with to give back! 

This year we are donating 20% of our sales from all Christmas stock including decorations, cards, and christmas decor items to help women in need start businesses through the work of World Vision. This will provide skills training and support to empower women to build a brighter future for themselves and their children. We believe this giving is a fearless and powerful gesture that will impact the lives of many woman and theIr families. 

We so love the support our customers have shown us in growing this business, so let's show some support to our fellow women in developing countries to get their success stories started! 

Love the Flo and Frankie family xx